Expocet – News from the Top, January 2020

Posted 5th February 2020 By Expocet

With Expocet ‘Forging’ headstrong into 2020, we’d like to bring a little news from the top:-

Due to the impending situation with Brexit and the uncertainty within the European market, enquiries through the business took a downturn towards the back end of the 2019. However, we’re delighted to report that with Brexit now going ahead and the hurdle of January’s exit now in the past – the upturn is most certainly evident for 2020 ahead.

We have seen a shift forward in E-mobility in general against ICE in the Automotive Industry. Expocet are are heavily involved through prototypes and series production.

Expocet have a number of major projects still in their infancy that we are currently nurturing and expect will go into production in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

With HS2 going ahead, this is positive for the rail industry with which Expocet supply heavily into.

Changes afoot – we are unfortunately going to be losing a valuable client. It is safe to say that the client has been severely let down by an Automotive customer based in Germany which has led to their decision to stop using Expocet as their Export Sales arm. We are however very touched by their comments in the termination letter below.

The growing family of old and new –  Expocet employees enjoyed a fantastic Christmas lunch 2019 together.